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The term applies to open source software whose source code is freely available. Instead of building a customer base, the most popular open source projects to attract a community of users and developers contributing to the project and technical assistance to each other informally and new users. The community has a strong influence on the evolution of the product, including architecture, functionality and licensing.

Therefore this means that the team GetOn.com, using open source software is not only able to complete the look of your store, but also functionality. We can concentrate on building your solution unique Internet business without the concern of expensive and proprietary software licenses to support hassle.

The advantages of Open Source

  • Freedom from vendor lock-in – Because the source code is available, users of open source software, the risks inherent in relying on a software vendor that unwanted changes can bring the software prevents drops support for a particular application, the prices improve or go out of business.
  • Bugs QA – Thousands of developers and system administrators can detect and report to the large and diverse team of highly qualified developers who contribute to the project. Thus, the benefits of close monitoring and delivering dynamic software professionals worldwide, while maintaining strict controls on discharges, version and content. Anyone can participate in the evolution of the product and its options.
  • Meeting the needs of users – Free software is updated more frequently than commercial software because developers can add and update functions in the source code. The project is still moving forward with the joint efforts of thousands of users and developers. All with the same goal – to improve a product they use and enjoy!
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