Encourage customers to spend more for eCommerce site?

Assuming your company already has customers, you probably wish that they bought more. What stops them? If the customers don’t want any more of certain product, there’s not a lot that eCommerce can do, but there are other roadblocks on the sales path that can be removed. Such as these:
1. Getting to the physical location of the shop or placing an order by mail is a hassle.
2. Some of the things you sell can be bought from more convenient places.
3. You’re mostly open while your customers are at work.
4. It’s harder to implement an efficient product recommendation system in a physical store.

A quality eCommerce site can increase your business revenue. The convenience of being online also means that people are more likely to choose your over other local suppliers. Because your site is online24 hours a day, rather then the usual 9 to 5, your customers can shop with you outside of their working hours. Having an online store brings a double blessing to you if your customers work in offices, because they can indulge in retail therapy directly from their desks.

People with Internet access will find placing an order online far easier than any other method-meaning that when the temptation to buy strikes. It’s much easier than for them to give in. Skillful eCommerce design can encourage your customers to buy thing they wouldn’t usually think of. Special offers to regular shoppers, suggested impulse purchases before during checkout, useful accessories presented alongside the main product, and showing a more expensive alternative to the one they’re considering encourage customers to buy more. You can easily update your site to suggest item of particular seasonal interest, to announce interesting new products, or to recommend products similar to what a  specific customers has already bought.

You’ll learn how to use some of these methods in latter chapters; by the end of this book, you’ll have a good idea of how to add more features for yourself.

Finally, it’s much easier to learn about your customers via eCommerce than in face-to-face shops or even with mail order, Even if you just gather Email addresses, you can use these to send out updates and news. More sophisticated sites can automatically analyze a customer’s buying habits to make suggestions on other products the customers might like to buy.

Another related benefit or eCommerce is that there’s no real cost in having people browse without buying. In fact, getting people to visit the site as often as possible can be valuable, your should consider building features into the site that are designed purely to make people visit regularly; for example, you might include community features such as forums or free content related to the products you’re selling.

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