How to Start an eCommerce site?

The world eCommerce has had a remarkable fall from grace in the past few years. Just the idea of having an eCommerce website was once enough to get many business people salivating in anticipation. But now, It’s no longer enough to say, eCommerce is the future–get online or get out of business. “You now need compelling, realistic, and specific reason to take your business online.”

If you want to build an eCommerce site today. you must answer some though questions. Here are a few thingto ask yourself:

  • Many big eCommerce sites have failed. What can eCommerce possibly offer me in today’s tougher environment?
  • Most eCommerce companies seems to need massive investment. How can i produce a site on my limited budget?
  • Even successful eCommerce sites expect to take years before they turn a profit. My business can’t wait that long. How can I make money now?

We’ll take a shot at answering these questions in this chapter.

Deciding Whether to go online

Although there are hundreds of possible reasons to go online, they tend to fall into the following groups:

  • Retain existing customers and get new customers
  • Encourage existing customers to spend more money
  • Reduce the costs of fulfilling orders

We’ll look at each of these in the following sections.

Get More Customers
Getting more customers is immediately the most attractive reason to go online. With an eCommerce site, even small businesses can reach customers all over the world. This reason can also be the most dangerous, however, because many people set up eCommerce sites assuming that the site will reach customers immediately. It won’t in the offline world, you need to know a shop exists before you can go into it. This is still true in the world of eCommerce people must know your site exists before you can hope to get a single order.

Addressing this issue is largely a question of making your site known. Aside from advertising, method of getting more customers to visit include registering the web site with the popular forums, Sending newsletters, and so on.

We don’t cover the aspects of selling your site; we focus on ways to sell the products listed on your site. So we include some basic search engine optimization techniques, and it provides a well-designed presentation that will sell the site once your customers visit it.

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