Why go to the web?

The Web opens up a whole new market for goods and services. It creates opportunity for a multifaceted arena that offers new efficiencies for sales marketing, customer service, shipment tracking, inventory monitoring and many other aspect of the total business model.

Choice has always been the a holly Grail for consumers. Today’s consumers have a wide variety of commerce choice: traditional business, meta discount stores, catalog or direct market mail, and the web. The Web, taken as a whole, is a powerful medium where consumers brows, research, compare, and the but online or, after doing chair “window shopping” online, make the purchase at a brick-and-mortar business. Businesses that keep in mind the consumers’ desire to choice, and integrate intro their website the appropriate means for customer interactions, will succeed.

This being said, the web will not open vast new markets for every business. However, it can extend a significant degree of powers to businesses that recognize how to leverage the efficiencies of this new arena. A good example is ecomscripts.com (www.ecomscripts.com) which, through its websites: Read the rest of this entry »

Dealing with Browser Differences

How do professional web designers and developers cope with the multitude of browsers and their varying capabilities?

In the past, it required some tough decisions or a lot of extra work. It was common to create multiple versions of a site to ensure functionality. Some designers played it safe and avoided any web technology more advance then basic HTML. On the other end of the spectrum were designers who chose to design cutting edge Browser Wars of the late ’90s for that chaos.

Web standards–or more important, the fact that the major browser developers have finally started to support them–have simplified the way designers cope with the multitude of browsers in use. Gone are the days of choosing sides or building several versions of the same site. Today, It is possible to create sites that are accessible to 100% of browsers and that look good in the vast majority of them. The trick is following the standards yourself in the way you write, style, and program your content. Read the rest of this entry »

Usability of eCommerce Web Design

World Wide Web has a great platform for business. In the past, hardly a number of concerns of businesses worldwide can trade. But with the introduction of the Web, there is a radical change in market development. Today, companies make business websites for millions of people worldwide to achieve. In fact, small companies also compete with large multinational companies to make their presence felt in the Web world.

Increased market competition has accelerated the growth of new cyber-technological processes. The obvious result is an attempt at new ways to develop the site more user friendly. E-commerce site design has become the ideal choice for business reasons for its flexibility and ease of use. Read the rest of this entry »

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