Why go to the web?

The Web opens up a whole new market for goods and services. It creates opportunity for a multifaceted arena that offers new efficiencies for sales marketing, customer service, shipment tracking, inventory monitoring and many other aspect of the total business model.

Choice has always been the a holly Grail for consumers. Today’s consumers have a wide variety of commerce choice: traditional business, meta discount stores, catalog or direct market mail, and the web. The Web, taken as a whole, is a powerful medium where consumers brows, research, compare, and the but online or, after doing chair “window shopping” online, make the purchase at a brick-and-mortar business. Businesses that keep in mind the consumers’ desire to choice, and integrate intro their website the appropriate means for customer interactions, will succeed.

This being said, the web will not open vast new markets for every business. However, it can extend a significant degree of powers to businesses that recognize how to leverage the efficiencies of this new arena. A good example is ecomscripts.com (www.ecomscripts.com) which, through its websites:

  • Offers products ans services to a global audience.
  • Provides many different technical support features online.
  • Offers software downloads including drivers, updates and fixes, which prior to the website would have been mailed to the customer.
  • Offers an online store.
  • Provides an educational center with online courses.

In short, ecomscripts.com’s business and customer base didn’t change – the web changed the way ecomscripts.com services its market – it didn’t create a new market. Still, overall, ecomscripts.com’s business is enhanced by its web presence.

Big companies with plenty of technical expertise and buckets of many have always been able to build their own eCommerce systems, complete with a secure server, a high-speed Internet connections, and custom software. Luckily, costly e-Commerce barriers are rapidly tumbling allowing any business to have a credible web presence. What was once expensive and difficult is quickly becoming affordable and easy to use.

Look before you leap
Established businesses shouldn’t jump rashly onto the eCommerce. They must first institute a well thought out plan upon which to build their eCommerce business model. If you neglect this important step, you risk losing your already established identity, your good reputation, and you customers. Two examples of not looking before leaping are the widely reported 1999 holiday shopping season fiasco and the xyz; websites problems. According to survey conducted by Robertson. Stephens, a leader in enquiry research, Investment banking and sales & Trading, in early 2000, 44% of the shoppers surveyed stated that due to their unhappy experiences with .com, it was unlikely that they would shop on the online toy retailer again. Perhaps if these retailers had scaled down their initial online effort as blooming dales.com did their website and reputation would have fared better.

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